About Tuti

Tuti is a teaching platform designed for teachers and students to improve their teaching and learning skills.

You can create beautiful presentations, polls, flashcards and more to improve your studying teaching skills with the help of Tuti.

Why use Tuti?

Tuti was started because more and more students and teachers are taking education on to the internet because of the massive changes that happened around the world since 2020.

Tuti is a platform designed to connect teachers and students. And Tuti will provide set of tools which both teachers can students can use to connect with each other.

Since Tuti is an online platform students and teachers can share their content even outside the school hours, and educators can create content that goes beyond their classrooms, and share their content with everyone with an internet connection around the wold.

Who's behind Tuti?


I'm making Tuti

I'm currently following a master's program in health informatics. I'm developing Tuti during my free time and started as my side project for 2021.

Talk to us

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    We use several open source libraries, and graphics which might require attribution. Please check the credits page for more information.

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