How to organise your flashcards

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What are flashcards?

flashcard or flash card is a card bearing information on both sides, which is intended to be used as an aid in memorization.

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Flashcards are a great way to help students study, and educators teach.

How to you should organise your flashcards for better leaning online
How to organise your online flashcards for better learning

Benefits of using flashcards

Flashcards have been around for a very long time, and flashcards are a popular method of studying amongst students. Some of the benefits of flashcards include,

  • Flashcards engage you in active recall 
  • Flashcards help you to check how close your answer is to the real answer
  • The more you recall the more you will remember things. Flashcards can help you to easily recall things often, and this repetition can help you to beat forgetting
  • Flashcards can be used to memorize important facts, dates, mathematical formulas, chemical formulas, etc
  • Online flashcards have the benefit of including rich text, images, links, etc
  • Online flashcards are portable than paper flashcards and you can use them while traveling, both home and at school

This post is not about the benefits of flashcards, but to give you a brief introduction to flashcards, and how to organize your flashcards. 

How to organize your flashcards

Flashcards can be organized as your flashcard collection, flashcard deck, and single flashcards.

Collection of flashcards

A collection of flashcards. Make sure you organise your flashcards into a collection of several decks of flashcards.
A collection of flashcards

Your flashcard collection includes multiple flashcards decks. The flashcard collection can include flashcards on different topics, such as science, history, maths, biology, etc.

Your flashcard collection can include as many flashcard decks as your like.

For example, when it comes to Tuti, your flashcard dashboard is a collection of different flashcard decks that range in different topics.

A deck of flashcards

Organise your flashcards into decks dedicated for a specific topic.
Deck of flashcards – Pinterest

A deck of flashcards is more specific than your flashcard collection. It only includes flashcards on a specific topic, such as biology, maths, or history. 

Try to keep your flashcard decks as specific and simple as possible. Do not try to mix different topics such as maths and biology. 

You can even be more specific by having a different flashcard deck for human biology and a different flashcard deck for plant biology etc.

And since you can create an unlimited number of flashcard decks on Tuti, you don’t have to worry about having a deck of flashcards dedicated to a single topic.

Individual flashcards

A deck of flashcards includes one or more flashcards dedicated to that topic. These can be facts, questions, and answers, images, links, etc.

This is the advantage of using online flashcards instead of paper flashcards because in paper flashcards you can only include text. But an online flashcard can include things other than simple text. You can format text, include images, videos, links, and more. Therefore, your learning experience is exponentially improved when using online flashcards.


What you need to remember in flashcards are,

  • There are multiple benefits in using flashcards, such as active recall, repetition, ease of memorizing important topics, etc.
  • Flashcards are organized into a collection of flashcards, a deck of flashcards, and individual flashcards.
  • Try to keep a deck of flashcards as specific to a topic as possible, the more specific it is the better.
  • If you use online flashcards, you can include images, links, videos ect. Try using online flashcards whenever possible over paper flashcards.

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