One To One Online English Lessons On Tuti

One to one online English lessons on Tuti. Become better at speaking in English, get through IELTS, OET and more.

Learning a new language can be challenging. However, English is important for anyone who wants to communicate with the world. And not only that if you are planning on migrating, then you might have to show comprehensiveness on English by sitting an IELTS, OET or some other examination.

Even for someone who is good in English, getting thorough your IELTS or OET can be difficult. This is especially true if you need a high score in IELTS in certain jobs like working as a doctor.

This is why we recommend having a personal English tutor, giving you personal attention, designing custom lessons designed for you by understanding your lessons and skills.

One to one online English lessons on Tuti

Now with Tuti, you can have your own personal English tutor, giving you one to one attention and teaching you to become more fluent in English or even to get though your IELTS or OET examinations.

All lessons are done through the internet. You can schedule your sessions so it won’t effect your daily routines. Since all lessons are done via the internet, you can listen to them from the comfort of your home.

You will have your own personal tutor for the whole duration of the course. Thereby helping you to improve and assess you along the way.

You can book your first free lesson. And you will be able to continue the course only if you feel it’s worth attending.

Why one to one lessons are better than group classes?

If you attend a group session to learn English, the tutor will teach to the whole group. However, within that group the students maybe at different levels. The students who are above average will not find a group session useful because they might already know what the tutor is saying.

A student who is in the group and below average, will find the lessons too complicated.

That’s why we think that the best way for someone to learn English is by getting a one to one attention. Where the tutor can exactly understand your current knowledge in English and help you to learn and become better than your current self.

If you are looking to improve your vocabulary and speaking skills in English, there is no better way than having your own personal English tutor.

Think of it as having a personal coach, for English.

Your life, your schedule

Apart from having a personal tutor, since all the lessons are done via the internet, you schedule your sessions according to your availability. This is especially important for someone who is having family commitments or a day job.

This is something that you won’t get if you are attending a group session.

All you have to do is cover the necessary hours that you have to cover within a week and the number of hours that you need to cover within a month.

Expert tutors

Tuti connects you with nothing but the best English tutors out there with years of experience in teaching. So you don’t have to worry about trying to find a the best tutor for you, nor you will have to commute several hours to meet them.

Now you can learn online, under the guidance of an expert tutor, at a time suitable for you and with the comfort of your home.

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