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How to signup for Tuti?

Signing up for Tuti is extremely simple, and will only take less than a minute. Yes, less than a minute.

How to login to Tuti?

Signing in to your Tuti dashboard to create a beautiful presentation, flashcards, polls is simple. Click the button below and

Create your first presentation on Tuti

By using Tuti you can create beautiful annotated presentations and link content in other websites as well. In this post

Online Flashcards. How To Create Online Flashcards Using Tuti

Flashcards are a great way to memorise important things when it comes to studying. With Tuti you can create online

How to share your Tuti presentation with students and colleagues

There are several ways that you can easily share your presentation with your students or colleagues, who would like to

How to share your online flashcards with students and colleagues

Once you created a flashcard, if you want to share them with your friends, colleagues or students, there several ways

How to insert an image to your online flashcards?

Tuti allows you to create rich online flashcards, create, save and share flashcards with your students, colleagues, and study partners.

How to include a video to your online presentation?

Now you can include videos to your Tuti presentation annotations to create a richer presentation. Including a video to your