Online Flashcards. How To Create Online Flashcards Using Tuti

Flashcards are a great way to memorise important things when it comes to studying. With Tuti you can create online flashcards to improve the way you study.

Here are some of the common uses in flashcards,

  • Flashcards can simply introduce a topic
  • Flashcards can help students to apply knowledge they already know to new situations
  • You can review a topic
  • Flashcards can be used as supplementary aids and can be used with other materials
  • Flashcards can improve recall abilities of a students (which makes them great when studying for examinations)
  • You can use flashcards for quick referencing, and in anywhere
Create online flashcards on Tuti
Create online flashcards on Tuti

How to create your first flashcard on Tuti

Tuti has a simple online flashcard builder that you can use to create flashcards for just about any topic.

The Tuti flashcard builder is so simple, that it can be used by students of any age, and even by teachers and academics.

Online flashcards by Tuti has lots of advantages over regular paper based flashcards. Online flashcards can include images, links. Which is hard to add on a regular flashcards. Students can directly view these images within the flashcards and click the links to see more information.

Step 1 – Signup for Tuti or login to your Tuti account

First you need to have a Tuti account, don’t worry creating a free account on Tuti is simple. You can signup for free with your Emil address and no credit card is required.

If you already have an account on Tuti, simply login to your account.

Step 2 – Go to your dashboard

From your dashboard to to your flashcard page. You can go to your flashcard page by clicking the link on the top menu.

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or simply click the button below to go to your flashcard page.

Step 3 – Create a new flashcard deck

Click the New Flashcards button on the top bar, next to your profile picture. This will take you to the flashcard creator.

This is a deck of flashcards, you can use a deck of flashcards to create a set of flashcards (a deck) related to a single topic.

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Step 4 – Give your flashcard deck a good title

Give a good title for your flashcard deck which reflects the topic of your flashcard deck. I’m going to name this as “Software Engineering” since I’m creating a deck of flashcards regarding software engineering for my colleagues.

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Step 5 – Create a flashcard

Now it’s time to create your first flashcard. A flashcard has a title (this can be a question or a topic). I will create a question called What is a software process?

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Below the question, or topic I can give the answer, or more information regarding the topic. Since this is a question, I’m going to enter the answer.

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Step 6 – How to format your flashcard

It’s really simple to format your flashcard text, you can bold, italic, or underline, create headings and subheadings etc.

This can be easily done by using a typing system called mark-down. We are hard at work in creating a simpler editor, which you will be able to use soon. But till then you can use markdown to simply format your text.

And once you get used to it, you will realise that using markdown is simpler than your thought, if you are coming from Reddit, you might be already good at markdown.

You can see how your flashcard looks like by clicking the Preview button. This is how your students or colleagues will see the flashcard when they open it. That means they won’t be seeing your markdown syntax, but they will be seeing a rendered flashcard.

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Step 7 – Include images and links to your flashcards

You can also use markdown to include any image you want.

![Description text](Link to your image)

An example would be


If you want to include a link you can simply paste that link and it will be automatically converted in to a clickable link when viewing the flashcard.

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Once you finish creating your flashcard deck, click the save button. And your flashcards will be automatically saved on Tuti. You can simply goto your dashboard to view your flashcard deck, and easily share the link to your students or colleagues to view your flashcard deck.

I hope this tutorial helped you on how to create an online flashcards using Tuti. Tuti has variety of tools including an online annotations, presentations and more to improve your teaching, and for students to improve their learning.

Create your free account on Tuti today. No credit card required. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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