How to include a video to your online presentation?

Now you can include videos to your Tuti presentation annotations to create a richer presentation. Including a video to your presentation is as easy as copying and pasting a link.

In this post I will tell you how you can include a YouTube video to your online presentation.

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Here’s how you can insert a YouTube video to a Tuti presentation annotation

  • First you will have to sign-in to your Tuti account, and goto your dashboard.
  • Create a new presentation by clicking the New Presentation button or edit an existing presentation.
  • When you are at the canvas you can create a new annotation by clicking anywhere on the canvas where you want to create the annotation.
  • You can also add a video to an existing annotation by editing it. You can edit an existing annotation by clicking on it.
  • This will open the annotation creator sidebar.
  • Navigate to the video tab, which is next to the annotation tab.
  • Once you are there at the video tab, paste the YouTube video link that you want to include on to the input box that asks for the YouTube video link.
  • Click the add video button.
  • This will add a YouTube video to your annotation.
How you can include a YouTube video to your Tuti online presentation.

How to see your YouTube video in your online presentation?

You can click the preview button, and it will show your YouTube video, and you can see how it will look for your viewers.

Your YouTube video will appear just like an image inside of an annotation.

When you create an online presentation with Tuti, you can easily Include YouTube video in your online presentations.
How a YouTube video will look inside a Tuti annotation.

How to get the YouTube video link to insert in to an online presentation?

There are several ways you can get the YouTube video link to insert into your online presentation on Tuti.

  • You can copy the link in the browser address bar.
  • If not you can also get the link by right-clicking on a YouTube video from YouTube search results, and click Copy link address. This will copy the YouTube video link and you can paste that onto your Tuti presentation.
  • Your YouTube video link should look something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[a random string]

Include both images and videos inside the same annotation.

You can include images, and regular text alongside a YouTube video within the same annotation.

You can do this by creating a regular annotation with a Title, content. image and a link. And also include a YouTube video as mentioned above within the same annotation.

This way you can include text, images, and a YouTube video inside the same annotation.

A Tuti presentation annotation with a YouTube Video and an image

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