How to insert an image to your online flashcards?

Tuti allows you to create rich online flashcards, create, save and share flashcards with your students, colleagues, and study partners.

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In tuti you can create rich flashcards that can include images, diagrams, links to external resources. Things that you can’t normally do with paper flashcards.

So how can you insert an image to a Tuti flashcard?

Type it in markdown

Tuti uses are markup language called Markdown, a text formatting system used by several popular websites including Slack, Github and Reddit.

If you are someone who use Reddit or Slack, and knows how to include an image using Markdown you can do the same for Tuti as well.

![](link to the image)

Make sure that you include the ! character at the beginning. Also you need to include the image in a new line, otherwise there can be difference when rendering.

Include an image from the to menubar

We have also included a way for non markdown fans to easily include an image to your flashcards. Just press the image button next to the New Card button.

This will pop a dropdown, where you can paste a link to an image. After that, just press the Insert Image button. This will automatically convert the image link to a markdown formatted image and will be included to the bottom of your current flashcard.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Insert an image to your flashcard from the top bar

Note that you need to include the direct link to the image, not the website which has the image. In order to get the direct link to a image just right click on the image, and click copy image address. This will copy the image address to the clipboard. Now you can easily paste it to the flashcard creator.

You can see the image and how your flashcard would look like by clicking the preview button.

By using the same method you can insert multiple images to a single flashcard as well.

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