Online Alternatives To Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular desktop application to create presentation, and it is bundled with Microsoft office.

However, today more and more people are starting to use the internet on a regular basis, and many students use chrome books which does not give the full functionality of the Microsoft Windows PowerPoint.

Here are some reasons why you should not use Microsoft PowerPoint in 2021

  • Everyone is using the internet, why use an offline application?
  • Difficult to share a presentation as a file. You need to email a file upload it to an online storage and then share it with your students and colleges. Would you rather like to just share a link with your students or colleges and they can also view the same presentation?
  • Others may need to have Microsoft PowerPoint. When you share a powerpoint file with someone else, they also need to have powerpoint or some other presentation app to open your files. These application can be costly, but if wouldn’t you rather like everyone to open a presentation just though their browser? Without needing to pay for premium software? If you are teaching, every student might need to install PowerPoint or an alternative software on their home computers or laptops. This can get quite expensive and cumbersome.

PowerPoint maybe good for a company but it’s not a good choice for school and for teaching

Here are some web based alternatives that you can use instead of Microsoft PowerPoint


Tuti, is an all in one online platform with set of tools for teachers and students to improve their teaching and learning.

You can create beautiful online presentations with Tuti, that can be annotated and link to other content, such as videos, images, websites, PDF etc.

All your presentations are stored online by Tuti, you don’t have to worry about losing your work. Your work stays online, 24×7 for everyone to access though the internet.All you need is a browser to see your presentations.

You can easily share your presentations with students and colleges just by sharing the link with them, if not anyone can simply enter the presentation code at Tuti website and join the presentation like you do in Zoom or Google Meet.

With Tuti you can also create beautiful flashcards, polls. Tuti also offer a whiteboard where you can simply draw while you teach your students.

Some presentations created with Tuti,

  • Posterior abdominal wall (science) –
  • The solar system (science) –

Google slides

Google slides is created by Google. It’s similar to PowerPoint, but it runs online. You can create presentations similar to Microsoft PowerPoint though Google slides.

If you want to open a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, and does not have it installed on your computer, you can easily open a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with Google slides.

Google slides however does not have tools such as polls, flashcards or a whiteboard. You can only create presentations that are similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. Also you can’t easily link eternal resources or embed content like you do on Tuti.


Slidebean is a a tool that can create pitch decks and presentations. It is more targeted towards startups to create presentations and pitch decks. They use AI to build presentation for you, plus they have wide range of other services like Slidbean agency, all of them are targeted towards an enterprises.

Therefore you can’t consider Slidebean as a presentation tool that is specifically made for online teaching.

But if you want to create a presentation, and if you are looking for a powerpoint alternative? Then slidebean is an option.

Slides is a popular online presentation maker, it uses web technologies to create presentations, and you can even write content in markdown format as well to create your slides.


Zoho is a company which provide wide variety of services similar to that of Google Docs. Zoho Show is the alternative to that of Google slides.


There are many powerpoint alternatives online, However, the if you are an academic, teacher of student, Tuti is the best solution for you because it provides more than just slides, it’s not just an a Microsoft PowerPoint alternative but also a whole education toolkit to supercharge your teaching end learning.

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